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Tetris Cures Lazy Eye


Canadian doctors from McGill University discovered a surprising cure for the lazy eye – Tetris! The treatment is not only radical; Tetris has proven to be more effective than traditional eye patch treatments.

Lazy eye is commonplace throughout the world, affecting around one in fifty children, myself included. It occurs when one eye is weaker than the other, and is the leading cause of awkward situations in this world.

Imagine the pain of us lazy eye kids. Imagine just sitting in a classroom, listening to the teacher, your eyes paying attention to their every gesture – or so you think. In reality, only one eye is paying attention to the teacher. The other is too busy staring at the girl/guy to your diagonal. Non-stop. All class. Awkward.


The Tetris treatment is particularly useful for adults, who, at their age, stand to benefit little from the eye patch treatment. In fact, many similar video games have the same beneficial effect. The reality of the situation is that playing video games is more enjoyable, engaging, and comfortable than pretending to be a one-eyed pirate.

Society, despite loving video games, tends to look down on them. This is largely due to media’s successful attempts to generate, and then cash off of, speculation which attributes video games with all of society’s shortcomings:

  •  violence
  •  obesity
  •  mental problems
  •  pirates

The truth is, video games are as diverse as any other medium of art, and, if used correctly, can deliver profound benefits. There is much to gain from incorporating video games into treatment plans, and I hope that one day this is recognized by the general public.

Have video games impacted your life in anyway? Let us know in the comments below!