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Canadian Genocide

Genocide in Canada – The Canadian Holocaust

The Canadian genocide, the eradication of “Indian Peoples”, is amongst the most systematic and deceptive of all genocides. Assimilation runs parallel with eradication. Typical genocides are fuelled by mindless hatred – a need to blame economic/social problems on a minority, and then eradicate that minority in an elaborate scheme to gain power by taking it away from others. The Canadian genocide – the systematic destruction of native culture and elimination of its practitioners – was fuelled, in the public eye, by a deceptive notion of helping the native people; of educating them so that they may function in a modern society. The idea presented to the public about Residential Schools wasn’t one of the eradication of Native people, but one of curing them of their so-called primitive culture and pagan values. Prevailing and dominant Canadian history presents a story in which the elimination of the Native peoples was not genocide, in a rather successful attempt to cover-up the monstrosities which were sanctioned by the Government of Canada. Many of these monstrosities occurred as recently as within the past century, and this report will reveal these atrocious acts.

Elisa Lam

The Elisa Lam Case – What are they Hiding?

The case of Elisa Lam has, over the past month or so, become quite infamous. Elisa Lam attended the same University as I do, so the case caught my attention and I found myself contemplating her death and analyzing released footage. Before I go over my findings and musings, I’ll give you a quick background on what happened: