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Men Plotted to Kidnap, Rape, Murder, and Eat Children

Innocent Child

Geoffrey Portway (British) and Michael Arnett (American) have pleaded guilty to plotting to kidnap, rape, murder, and eat children. When I say “plotting”, I’m not talking about some vague plans drawn up in someone’s basement. These were highly developed plans, ready to be carried out on specific children that they identified by both name and photo, and that Michael had “access” to.

Geoffrey Portway, who is now facing up to 27 years imprisonment, discussed plans for months online with Michael Arnett via Skype. Geoffrey needed someone with experience, and Michael claimed to have that experience – he boasted of kidnapping and sexually abusing children.

The story up to this point is already disturbing. Michael, who was presumably in a position of trust with children, was willing to kidnap and sexually abuse them. Geoffrey had definite plans of raping, killing, and eating them. Kidnap, rape, murder, consummation. If you think that’s bad enough.. it gets worst.

Geoffrey Portway

Geoffrey Portway

Not only would the children be raped and murdered – they would be raped, tortured, and murdered.

Geoffrey, as made apparent though his online conversations, planned to use scalpels, butchering kits, freezers, and castration tools. This is completely sickening.

It’s shocking, but it doesn’t come as a surprise when you consider that Geoffrey and Michael had been sharing child pornography of mutilated and dead children. A fusion of a pedophile, a psychopath, and a cannibal – these men are the epitome of “evil”.

What’s perhaps most disturbing is that somewhere, children are raped and mutilated to satiate someone’s ill sexual desires. Whatever these men have plotted is undoubtedly already taking place somewhere in this world. Geoffrey had traded up to 4,500 items of child pornography online, in both image and video formats, that depicted cannibalism of children.

Where did these come from? We may never know.

  • Ernest

    Both men are truly evil.

    They should rot in prison and then in hell.