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How One Parasite is Shaping Human Existence


What if I told you that there existed a parasite that can influence your brain? You might deny it , but you’d probably accept it as fact – there are so many weird and rare bacteria that anything is possible.

But, what if I told you it wasn’t rare at all? You might get concerned, but may feel comforted in the fact that you’re in a developed nation – all those weird illnesses and common infections occur amongst the masses of impoverished people in third world countries.

Now, what if I told you that it’s the most prevalent infection throughout all of humanity – developed nations included. You may feel disturbed, and the truth is: you should be.

Toxoplasm gondii, the parasite in question, has undoubtedly had immeasurable effects on human culture and history – from the wars we fight, to the everyday decisions we make.


Until Recently, scientists thought that T.gondii did nothing

Until recently, scientists thought that T.gondii did nothing

Before I can explain the effects of this parasite on humanity, I must first explain it’s impact on us at an individual level.

We, as humans, are dynamic. As we progress through our lives, our personalities are shaped by our experiences and environment. This personality is who we are – it is the center of our identity, the very fabric of our being. We are our personalities.

Here’s where Toxoplasm gondii comes into play. It doesn’t control our minds – that would be far too kind. Instead, it shapes our personality. That’s right; this little parasite is shaping the very fabric of our being. It has a power over us that no other human or force of nature has – it’s defining us.

An unsettling amount of us go through our everyday lives blissfully unaware of the fact that, slowly but surely, this parasite is shaping us.

Now that you have an idea of the power and scope of this little bugger, let’s see exactly what it does to us.

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