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Genocide in Canada – The Canadian Holocaust

The Canadian Genocide dreadfully conforms to the truest definition of genocide, definition (a), which is the actual, outright, “killing of members of the group”. Healthy children, who were sick with tuberculosis, were forced to sleep in the same beds as children dying of tuberculosis, with the intention of spreading the disease. Young boys were also forced to eat infected food. One man describes the experience, in which the Principal forced him and 8 others to eat special food out of a different can. “[They] all just began dying after eating that food”. (Truth 17) When dead bodies were being discovered, the school Principals, and the RCMP, used intimidation to ensure silence.

Murder was a common occurrence in these Residential Schools. According to Diane Harris, girls were raped, killed, and buried under the floorboards. The RCMP would not investigate any of the murders, or “disappearances” (Truth 18). Mr. Belvy Breber, who attended a school, says that his brother had caught on to the murders, and was planning on exposing them. “Then, a day later, he was found, hanging dead in the school gym”. Every child was then made to walk by the hanging body, and were told that “this will happen to you if you say anything”. (Truth 23).

Upon completion of the genocide, denial soon took place. In 1995, investigations were being opened into the residential schools, and records of sterilizations were being deliberately destroyed. This was, and is, being done. Denial is the stage in which everything is covered up, and historical facts are downplayed. 50 000 corpses from Residential schools have gone missing, having been “disappeared” – Government action quite relatable to that of a fascist regime.

 Native Boy Residential School

The mass murder of Native Children in Residential Schools is, by all definitions, Genocide in its truest form. As a signatory of the UN Convention, former heads of the Canadian Government should be brought before a UN Court, and charged with crimes against humanity. Denial of this genocide continues to this very day, and only ensures the possibly of more in the future.

The next page contains the academic sources that were cited in this report.

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  • Muser

    They need to be held accountable for this. They don’t teach us this in schools, so most Canadians don’t know. We all think our government has been historically so good and nice because that’s what we learn. People need to read this and hold those murderers accountable