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Innocent Child

Men Plotted to Kidnap, Rape, Murder, and Eat Children

Geoffrey Portway (British) and Michael Arnett (American) have pleaded guilty to plotting to kidnap, rape, murder, and eat children. When I say “plotting”, I’m not talking about some vague plans drawn up in someone’s basement. These were highly developed plans, ready to be carried out on specific children that they identified by both name and photo, and that Michael had “access” to.


Mother has Facebook Memorial Page Removed

Judges in Brazil have ordered Facebook to remove the memorial page of 24-year old journalist Juliana Ribeiro Campos, who died last year. The punishment should Facebook deny the order: imprisonment.

Social Reality

Our Social Reality, and how it’s Holding us Back

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been interested in something new. For some it may be playing the guitar, and for others it may be cooking. We got so determined on doing this, so motivated, that we told everyone about it. It made sense to do this – by telling others, we would “commit” ourselves to accomplishing our goal; we would have others to keep on our backs so we get the job done, a sort of social accountability.

It seems like perfectly sound logic, but the actual truth may come as a surprise.