Innocent Child

Men Plotted to Kidnap, Rape, Murder, and Eat Children

Geoffrey Portway (British) and Michael Arnett (American) have pleaded guilty to plotting to kidnap, rape, murder, and eat children. When I say “plotting”, I’m not talking about some vague plans drawn up in someone’s basement. These were highly developed plans, ready to be carried out on specific children that they identified by both name and photo, and that Michael had “access” to.

3D Printed Gun

First 3D Printed Gun

Amidst an era of debate in the United States over gun ownership and regulation, Defense Distributed has created the first gun that can be printed from a 3D printer. They plan to publicly release the blueprints online – when this happens, anybody with a 3D printer will be able to print off their own, lethal gun.


Mother has Facebook Memorial Page Removed

Judges in Brazil have ordered Facebook to remove the memorial page of 24-year old journalist Juliana Ribeiro Campos, who died last year. The punishment should Facebook deny the order: imprisonment.


Tetris Cures Lazy Eye

Canadian doctors from McGill University discovered a surprising cure for the lazy eye – Tetris! The treatment is not only radical; Tetris has proven to be more effective than traditional eye patch treatments.


The Gulf of Mexico is Cleaning Itself

It’s hard to forget the BP oil spill. It’s arguably one of the most disastrous oil spills in history. The spill came at a huge cost to the Gulf of Mexico, devastating marine life as well as the livelihoods of those that depended on it. As for BP oil – the cost of settlement’s and clean-up came in at a whopping $37.2 billion and counting.

Environmental groups, the government, and activists everywhere have been fighting to protect the defenceless Gulf of Mexico. It’s simple – if they don’t fight for it, who else will? Well, actually, the Gulf of Mexico can fight for itself!

Canadian Genocide

Genocide in Canada – The Canadian Holocaust

The Canadian genocide, the eradication of “Indian Peoples”, is amongst the most systematic and deceptive of all genocides. Assimilation runs parallel with eradication. Typical genocides are fuelled by mindless hatred – a need to blame economic/social problems on a minority, and then eradicate that minority in an elaborate scheme to gain power by taking it away from others. The Canadian genocide – the systematic destruction of native culture and elimination of its practitioners – was fuelled, in the public eye, by a deceptive notion of helping the native people; of educating them so that they may function in a modern society. The idea presented to the public about Residential Schools wasn’t one of the eradication of Native people, but one of curing them of their so-called primitive culture and pagan values. Prevailing and dominant Canadian history presents a story in which the elimination of the Native peoples was not genocide, in a rather successful attempt to cover-up the monstrosities which were sanctioned by the Government of Canada. Many of these monstrosities occurred as recently as within the past century, and this report will reveal these atrocious acts.


Top 7 Canadian Inventions that Changed the World

Despite being the second largest country in the world, Canada boasts a population smaller than California’s. However, this hasn’t stopped Canadians from dishing out some of the most influential inventions of the past century. Let’s take a look at some Canadian inventions that have shaped our world.


How One Parasite is Shaping Human Existence

What if I told you that there existed a parasite that can influence your brain? You might deny it , but you’d probably accept it as fact – there are so many weird and rare bacteria that anything is possible.

But, what if I told you it wasn’t rare at all? You might get concerned, but may feel comforted in the fact that you’re in a developed nation – all those weird illnesses and common infections occur amongst the masses of impoverished people in third world countries.

Now, what if I told you that it’s the most prevalent infection throughout all of humanity – developed nations included. You may feel disturbed, and the truth is: you should be.

Toxoplasm gondii, the parasite in question, has undoubtedly had immeasurable effects on human culture and history – from the wars we fight, to the everyday decisions we make.

Social Reality

Our Social Reality, and how it’s Holding us Back

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been interested in something new. For some it may be playing the guitar, and for others it may be cooking. We got so determined on doing this, so motivated, that we told everyone about it. It made sense to do this – by telling others, we would “commit” ourselves to accomplishing our goal; we would have others to keep on our backs so we get the job done, a sort of social accountability.

It seems like perfectly sound logic, but the actual truth may come as a surprise. 

Arms Trade Treaty

UN Historic Arms Trade Treaty – Why didn’t this already Exist?

For those of you who don’t already know: the UN just passed a milestone arms trade treaty. This treaty bans states from selling weapons to arms-embargoed countries, or to entities that would use them in the intention of genocide or other crimes against humanity.